I am drawn to classic car and aircraft shows.  I marvel at the beauty of these amazing machines.  From shiny and pristine to worn and weathered, vintage automobiles and aircraft offer a nostalgic glimpse back in time.  Their lines, shapes, colours and textures create wonderful photographic opportunities.
Avro Arrow © Irwin Seidman

Avro Canada CF105 Arrow  |  A full scale museum quality replica of the Avro Arrow at the 2019 Gathering of the Classics at Edenvale Aerodrome south of Stayner, Ontario.  Click here to see more of my Avro Arrow images and read the article Growing Up With the Ghost of the Avro Arrow . (ref.no. 7103511 & 7103066)

North American Harvard Mk4 © Irwin Seidman
Harvard MK4 #436 | ref.no 1748280v20 | On July 9, 2017 (about 2 hours after this photograph was taken), Harvard 436 experienced difficulty while landing at the Wings & Wheels show at Owen Sound Billy Bishop Regional Airport.  The aircraft flipped on landing and sustained damage.  Fortunately nobody was seriously injured in the accident, but the damage was significant and the aircraft is not expected to be restored to airworthiness.  We do however understand that there may be plans underway to restore it cosmetically and look forward to seeing it on display.  (This image represents a photo-pictorialized interpretation of Harvard MK4 # 436.)
Stearman © Irwin Seidman

Stearman  |  1941 Stearman PT27  (ref.no. 7103435)

Refueling (1943 M-62A-3 Cornell II) © Irwin Seidman

Refueling  |  1943 M-62A-3 Cornell II being refueled at Edenvale Airport during the 2019 Gathering of the Classics   (ref.no. 7103521)

1956 Chevrolet Belair © Irwin Seidman

'56 Belair  |  1956 Chevrolet Belair (ref.no. 7103469 & 7103470)

Fox Moth  |   1932 de Havilland 83 Fox Moth built for King Edward VIII when he was Price of Wales    (ref.no. 7508810)

Grumman CS2F-2 © Irwin Seidman

Grumman CS2F-2   |  1960 Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Grumman CS2F-2 Anti Submarine Tracker  (ref.no. 7508850)

Bird Dog (1956 Cessna L-19/O-1) © Irwin Seidman

Bird Dog  |  Introduced in 1950, the Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog was a liaison and observation aircraft used by the RCAF and other allied countries.  (ref.no. 7508850)

Snowbird © Irwin Seidman

Snowbird  |  Royal Canadian Air Force Canadair CT-114 Tutor military aerobatic aircraft  (ref.no. 7508874)

RCAF 436 © Irwin Seidman

RCAF 436 | North American Harvard MKll World War ll Training Aircraft  (ref. no. S1747903)

Canso Reconnaissance Bomber © Irwin Seidman

Canso Reconnaissance Bomber | 1944 PBY5-A Canso Amphibious Reconnaissance Bomber  (ref. no. S1747841)

EM435 © Irwin Seidman

EM35 | 1942 US Army BT-13A Vultee Valiant (EM35)  (ref. no. S182683)

1942 Lysander © Irwin Seidman
1942 Lysander  |  The Westland Lysander (nickname the "Lizzie") is a Second World War British army co-operation and liaison aircraft produced by Westland Aircraft.  The aircraft's exceptional short-field performance enabled clandestine missions using small, improvised airstrips behind enemy lines to place or recover agents, particularly in occupied France with the help of the French Resistance.  (ref.no. 5535)
View from the Cockpit © Irwin Seidman

View from the Cockpit | View from the cockpit of a 1939 Douglas Dakota DC-3 overlooking the fields and runway at Edenvale Airport (ref. no. S182748)

'36 Cabriolet © Irwin Seidman

'36 Cabriolet | 1936 Ford Cabriolet  (ref. no. S1748157)

55 Lincoln © Irwin Seidman

'55 Lincoln | 1955 Lincoln Capri  (ref. no. S153287)

65 DeVille © Irwin Seidman

'65 DeVille | 1965 Cadillac DeVille (ref. no. S182884)

Squadron 436 © Irwin Seidman

Squadron 436 | 1939 Douglas Dakota DC-3 at Edenvale Air Show  (ref. no. S183178)

Miss Delish © Irwin Seidman

Miss Delish | 1942 Boeing PT-13/A75 Stearman  (ref. no. S182307)

Canucks Unlimited © Irwin Seidman

Canucks Unlimited | 1939 Douglas Dakota DC-3 (ref. no. S182719)

Stacks © Irwin Seidman

Stacks | Exhaust stacks from a 3:4 scale replica of the famous British Supermarine Spitfire World War II fighter (ref. no. S183247)

Austin Healey Dashboard © Irwin Seidman

Austin Healey Dashboard | Vintage Austin Healey (ref. no. S1637662)

1931 Model A Victoria © Irwin Seidman

1931 Model A Victoria | 1931 Model A Victoria parked in Blacksmiths shop at Moreston Heritage Village - Grey Roots Museum & Archives  (ref. no. S154938)

On the Runway © Irwin Seidman

On the Runway | 1936 Douglas DC-3 Dakota taxiing behind 1942 Harvard 2  (ref. no. S155659)

T28 Trojan © Irwin Seidman

T28 Trojan | The North American Aviation T-28 Trojan is a piston-engined military trainer aircraft used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s (ref. no. S1637639)

'40 Special Eight © Irwin Seidman

'40 Special Eight | 1940 Buick Special Eight  (ref. no. S154450)

1914 Buick © Irwin Seidman

1914 Buick | 1914 Buick grill, logo and headlamp (ref. no. S1638315)

Made by Packard © Irwin Seidman

Made by Packard | Manufacturer's plate on 1913 Packard (ref. no. S1638430)

Bluewater Garage © Irwin Seidman

Bluewater Garage | A look back in time... 1936 Chevrolet Tow Truck at the Blue Water Garage in Moreston Heritage Village - Grey Roots Museum & Archives  (ref. no. S154904)

'34 Ford Sedan at Blue Water Garage © Irwin Seidman

'34 Ford Sedan at Blue Water Garage | 1934 Ford V8 Sedan outside Blue Water Garage in Moreston Village, Grey Root Museum & Archives. (ref. no. S1638516)

'63 Sting Ray © Irwin Seidman

'63 Sting Ray | 1963 Corvette Split Window Sting Ray (ref. no. S1638194)

1939 Dakota © Irwin Seidman

1939 Dakota | 1939 Douglas DC-3 Dakota (ref. no. S155487)

 © Irwin Seidman

'48 DeSoto | 1948 DeSoto  (ref. no. S166242)

Classic Vette Dash © Irwin Seidman

Classic Vette Dash  | 1958 Corvette (ref. no. S1638073)

Austin Healey © Irwin Seidman

Austin Healey | Vintage Austin Healey (ref. no. S1637660)

Classic Bel Air © Irwin Seidman

Classic Bel Air | Black 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air  (ref. no. S155369)

'58 Fairlane © Irwin Seidman

'58 Fairlane | Dashboard on 1958 Ford Fairlane  (ref. no. S1638079)

'26 Dodge Brothers Sedan © Irwin Seidman

'26 Dodge Brothers Sedan | Blue 1926 Dodge Brothers Sedan  (ref. no. S138010)

 © Irwin Seidman

'58 Stingray | 1958 Corvette Stingray Convertible (ref. no. S154356)

'67 Bug Dash © Irwin Seidman

'67 Bug Dash | 1967 Volkswagen Beetle Dashboard (ref. no. S1638209)

'36 Chev Tow Truck © Irwin Seidman

'36 Chev Tow Truck | 1936 Chevrolet Tow Truck at the Blue Water Garage in Moreston Heritage Village - Grey Roots Museum & Archives  (ref. no.S1637998)

Red Fairlane © Irwin Seidman

Red Fairlane | Dashboard on 1958 Ford Fairlane  (ref. no. S1638185)

#436 Harvard MK4 © Irwin Seidman

#436 Harvard MK4 | Harvard MK4: Advanced military training aircraft built between 1937-1954. Used by Canadian RCAF and British RAF  (ref. no. S1637426)

1911 Cadillac © Irwin Seidman

1911 Cadillac | Boyce Moto Meter on 1911 Cadillac. (The hood ornament is also know as a bonnet cap or hood mascot.)  (ref. no. S1638348)

1915 Cadillac © Irwin Seidman

1915 Cadillac | Boyce Moto Meter on 1915 Cadillac. (The hood ornament is also know as a bonnet cap or hood mascot.)  (ref. no. S1638351)

1914 Cadillac  © Irwin Seidman

1914 Cadillac | Looking inside a 1914 Cadillac (ref. no. S1638445)

Pierce Arrow © Irwin Seidman

Pierce Arrow | 1914 Pierce Arrow Hood Ornament (ref. no. S1638451)

1912 Model T © Irwin Seidman

1912 Model T | Boyce Moto Meter on 1912 Ford Model T. (The hood ornament is also know as a bonnet cap or hood mascot.)  (ref. no. S1638467)

1906 Cadillac © Irwin Seidman

1906 Cadillac | Early 1900s Cadillac (1906?)  (ref. no. S1638615)

T-28 Trojan U.S. Navy © Irwin Seidman

T-28 Trojan U.S. Navy  | US Navy training aircraft (1950s) (ref. no. S1637003)

'30 Deluxe Coupe © Irwin Seidman

'30 Deluxe Coupe | 1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe at Moreston Heritage Village - Grey Roots Museum & Archives (ref. no. S154917)

At the Car Show © Irwin Seidman

At the Car Show | Red truck reflected in the hub cab of vintage automobile  (ref. no. S154356)

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