I am drawn to classic car and aircraft shows.  I marvel at the beauty of these amazing machines.  From shiny and pristine to worn and weathered, vintage automobiles and aircraft offer a nostalgic glimpse back in time.  Their lines, shapes, colours and textures create wonderful photographic opportunities.
RCAF 436 © Irwin Seidman

RCAF 436 | North American Harvard MKll World War ll Training Aircraft  (ref. no. S1747903)

Canso Reconnaissance Bomber © Irwin Seidman

Canso Reconnaissance Bomber | 1944 PBY5-A Canso Amphibious Reconnaissance Bomber  (ref. no. S1747841)

EM435 © Irwin Seidman

EM35 | 1942 US Army BT-13A Vultee Valiant (EM35)  (ref. no. S182683)

View from the Cockpit © Irwin Seidman

View from the Cockpit | View from the cockpit of a 1939 Douglas Dakota DC-3 overlooking the fields and runway at Edenvale Airport (ref. no. S182748)

'36 Cabriolet © Irwin Seidman

'36 Cabriolet | 1936 Ford Cabriolet  (ref. no. S1748157)

55 Lincoln © Irwin Seidman

'55 Lincoln | 1955 Lincoln Capri  (ref. no. S153287)

65 DeVille © Irwin Seidman

'65 DeVille | 1965 Cadillac DeVille (ref. no. S182884)

Squadron 436 © Irwin Seidman

Squadron 436 | 1939 Douglas Dakota DC-3 at Edenvale Air Show  (ref. no. S183178)

Miss Delish © Irwin Seidman

Miss Delish | 1942 Boeing PT-13/A75 Stearman  (ref. no. S182307)

Canucks Unlimited © Irwin Seidman

Canucks Unlimited | 1939 Douglas Dakota DC-3 (ref. no. S182719)

Stacks © Irwin Seidman

Stacks | Exhaust stacks from a 3:4 scale replica of the famous British Supermarine Spitfire World War II fighter (ref. no. S183247)

Austin Healey Dashboard © Irwin Seidman

Austin Healey Dashboard | Vintage Austin Healey (ref. no. S1637662)

1931 Model A Victoria © Irwin Seidman

1931 Model A Victoria | 1931 Model A Victoria parked in Blacksmiths shop at Moreston Heritage Village - Grey Roots Museum & Archives  (ref. no. S154938)

On the Runway © Irwin Seidman

On the Runway | 1936 Douglas DC-3 Dakota taxiing behind 1942 Harvard 2  (ref. no. S155659)

T28 Trojan © Irwin Seidman

T28 Trojan | The North American Aviation T-28 Trojan is a piston-engined military trainer aircraft used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s (ref. no. S1637639)

'40 Special Eight © Irwin Seidman

'40 Special Eight | 1940 Buick Special Eight  (ref. no. S154450)

1914 Buick © Irwin Seidman

1914 Buick | 1914 Buick grill, logo and headlamp (ref. no. S1638315)

Made by Packard © Irwin Seidman

Made by Packard | Manufacturer's plate on 1913 Packard (ref. no. S1638430)

Bluewater Garage © Irwin Seidman

Bluewater Garage | A look back in time... 1936 Chevrolet Tow Truck at the Blue Water Garage in Moreston Heritage Village - Grey Roots Museum & Archives  (ref. no. S154904)

'34 Ford Sedan at Blue Water Garage © Irwin Seidman

'34 Ford Sedan at Blue Water Garage | 1934 Ford V8 Sedan outside Blue Water Garage in Moreston Village, Grey Root Museum & Archives. (ref. no. S1638516)

'63 Sting Ray © Irwin Seidman

'63 Sting Ray | 1963 Corvette Split Window Sting Ray (ref. no. S1638194)

1939 Dakota © Irwin Seidman

1939 Dakota | 1939 Douglas DC-3 Dakota (ref. no. S155487)

 © Irwin Seidman

'48 DeSoto | 1948 DeSoto  (ref. no. S166242)

Classic Vette Dash © Irwin Seidman

Classic Vette Dash  | 1958 Corvette (ref. no. S1638073)

Austin Healey © Irwin Seidman

Austin Healey | Vintage Austin Healey (ref. no. S1637660)

Classic Bel Air © Irwin Seidman

Classic Bel Air | Black 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air  (ref. no. S155369)

'58 Fairlane © Irwin Seidman

'58 Fairlane | Dashboard on 1958 Ford Fairlane  (ref. no. S1638079)

'26 Dodge Brothers Sedan © Irwin Seidman

'26 Dodge Brothers Sedan | Blue 1926 Dodge Brothers Sedan  (ref. no. S138010)

 © Irwin Seidman

'58 Stingray | 1958 Corvette Stingray Convertible (ref. no. S154356)

'67 Bug Dash © Irwin Seidman

'67 Bug Dash | 1967 Volkswagen Beetle Dashboard (ref. no. S1638209)

'36 Chev Tow Truck © Irwin Seidman

'36 Chev Tow Truck | 1936 Chevrolet Tow Truck at the Blue Water Garage in Moreston Heritage Village - Grey Roots Museum & Archives  (ref. no.S1637998)

Red Fairlane © Irwin Seidman

Red Fairlane | Dashboard on 1958 Ford Fairlane  (ref. no. S1638185)

#436 Harvard MK4 © Irwin Seidman

#436 Harvard MK4 | Harvard MK4: Advanced military training aircraft built between 1937-1954. Used by Canadian RCAF and British RAF  (ref. no. S1637426)

1911 Cadillac © Irwin Seidman

1911 Cadillac | Boyce Moto Meter on 1911 Cadillac. (The hood ornament is also know as a bonnet cap or hood mascot.)  (ref. no. S1638348)

1915 Cadillac © Irwin Seidman

1915 Cadillac | Boyce Moto Meter on 1915 Cadillac. (The hood ornament is also know as a bonnet cap or hood mascot.)  (ref. no. S1638351)

1914 Cadillac  © Irwin Seidman

1914 Cadillac | Looking inside a 1914 Cadillac (ref. no. S1638445)

Pierce Arrow © Irwin Seidman

Pierce Arrow | 1914 Pierce Arrow Hood Ornament (ref. no. S1638451)

1912 Model T © Irwin Seidman

1912 Model T | Boyce Moto Meter on 1912 Ford Model T. (The hood ornament is also know as a bonnet cap or hood mascot.)  (ref. no. S1638467)

1906 Cadillac © Irwin Seidman

1906 Cadillac | Early 1900s Cadillac (1906?)  (ref. no. S1638615)

T-28 Trojan U.S. Navy © Irwin Seidman

T-28 Trojan U.S. Navy  | US Navy training aircraft (1950s) (ref. no. S1637003)

'30 Deluxe Coupe © Irwin Seidman

'30 Deluxe Coupe | 1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe at Moreston Heritage Village - Grey Roots Museum & Archives (ref. no. S154917)

At the Car Show © Irwin Seidman

At the Car Show | Red truck reflected in the hub cab of vintage automobile  (ref. no. S154356)

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