This project really just started out as a compositional exercise, however the unique shapes, colours and textures of worn and weathered antiques soon proved to be irresistible. From auction and garage sales, to antique stores and private collections, these vintage finds provide an opportunity to capture a unique and nostalgic look back in time.
You can see additional vintage images in the Wings & Wheels project portfolio.
The ultra translucent and highly reflective look of these glass bottles and canning jar lids was obtained by blending 5 separate exposures of the each image.  Using a variety of exposures and detailed processing allows for a much wider dynamic range in the final image.
A study of antiques at a rural farm auction reveals beauty in the details of the worn and rusted vintage pieces.
A vintage 1902 Kodak No. 2 Model A Folding Brownie Camera, creatively processed to achieve a painterly look and feel.
1924 Vibroplex Lightning Bug Telegraph Morse Code Key.  Made by the Vibroplex Company Inc Brooklyn NY.
A study of vintage Kodak filters (and a couple more shots of the 1902 Kodak No. 2 Model A Folding Brownie Camera)
More vintage images from the farm auction series.
Vintage Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera. (Textured multi-layered photographic image of Brownie Hawkeye camera, Kodacolor 620 film, and original camera box)
You can find examples of Irwin's work on display and for sale at the Owen Sound Artists' Co-op in downtown Owen Sound, and online in his portfolio on Fine Art America.  You can also purchase limited edition prints by contacting him directly.  See the Buy Prints page for more details.
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