For me studio work started strictly as a necessity, photographing product for a woodworking business that I was previously involved in.  Over time, as I focused less on business and more on the joy of photography, studio sessions moved towards a more artistic expression of ideas, articulation, image capture and post-processing. 
Part of a work-in-progress series, images of a vintage Kodak Hawkeye Brownie and a Kodak No. 2 Model A Folding Brownie are layered with secondary components such as the camera box, film, and more.
Just playing around.  I just couldn't help trying a lego photo shoot. 
What do you do when your computer dies?  Take it apart and photograph it of course :)
Image of Lume Cube photo lights reflected in water with a full moon layered in the background.
A stylized photographic interpretation of a vintage set of Christmas lights.
You can find examples of Irwin's work on display and for sale at the Owen Sound Artists' Co-op in downtown Owen Sound, and online in his portfolio on Fine Art America.  You can also purchase limited edition prints by contacting him directly.  See the Buy Prints page for more details.
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