New at the Owen Sound Artists' Co-op
Posted: November 23, 2018
Four new 16" x 24" photo canvases to be added at the Owen Sound Artists Co-op today.  (Click here to see more about the Owen Sound Artists' Co-op on our Decor Prints page.) 
Top row left: Squardon 436 | Top row right: Frontenac | Bottom row left: Safe Harbour | Bottom row right: Martin and Algoway
Cuyahoga Snow Squalls
Posted: November 22, 2018
I headed out on what was supposed to be a beautiful sunny November day to photograph the freighter Cuyahoga which had just arrived at the Great Lakes Elevator Company silos in Owen Sound.  Within minutes of arriving at the harbour the clear skies vanished and a snow squall blew in off Georgian Bay.  For a time it brought visibility down to almost zero.  As the wind died down I was able to fire off a few shots.  "Murphys Law"... within minutes of leaving the harbour, the weather cleared and the blue skies and sunshine returned.  Humph!
Pictorial Compositions
Posted: November 1, 2018
New pictorialism style images just released!  See a selection of these images printed on 8" x 8" gallery canvases at the Owen Sound Artists' Co-op in downtown Owen Sound. 
View the thumbnail collage below or click here to browse all the individual images (with descriptions) in my Pictorialism portfolio.
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