The idea for this project came from an accidental rediscovery of some childhood memorabilia that had been stored away and was long forgotten.  The welcomed find amounted to a small box of well loved (which is a nice way of saying well used) n-gauge locomotives, railcars, and accessories.  Hopefully the resulting compositions in this project blur the lines between reality and childhood fantasy.   
CN #3905 © Irwin Seidman
CN #3905
This N-Gauge CN (Canadian National Railway) locomotive #3905 is pictured here pulling a line of boxcars through a winter storm. The scale model engine is believed to be made by Atlas in around 1969.  The real life road-switcher engine is part of the GP40 diesel-electric locomotive class which were build by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between January 1966 and August 1972. 
Winter Travel By Rail © Irwin Seidman
Winter Travel By Rail

A nineteen-fifties Canadian Pacific (CP) EMD F7A diesel locomotive pulling a CP Vista Dome Car and a Club Car through a snow storm.  The n-gauge engine is was made by Minitrix in the late sixties or early seventies.

Marysville Station © Irwin Seidman
Marysville Station

This late sixties/early seventies AHM n-scale railway station is labeled (signed) Marysville Station.  This vignette depicts the inviting warmth of the station on a cold winters night.

Lil Donkey © Irwin Seidman
Lil Donkey

Nicknamed Lil Donkey, this image features a late 19th Century European style steam locomotive (probably a  Prussian T3 Shunter) pulling a period appropriate passenger car and caboose.  This n-gauge model engine was made around 1968/1969 by Aurora Postage Stamp Trains.

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