Pictorialism is described as a style of photography that emphasizes a creative approach to subject matter, tonality, and composition rather than the more traditional documentary approach.
Just as a painter might add strokes of colour, light or texture to their composition, selective layering can achieve similar results for the art photographer.  The process involves blending the original subject photograph with multiple additional images which among other things might include stone, glass, metal, water, paint, line art, etc. Each of the images in this collection uses this approach to achieve a unique final composition.
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Arrow  |  Avro Canada CF105 Arrow close up  (Full size replica captured at Edenvale Aerodrome)    (ref.no. 7103065A)

Harvester at Sunrise | The 740' long Algoma Harvester docked along the east harbour wall in the port of Owen Sound  (ref no. S184222)

Manitoulin Unloading | The 664’ Manitoulin (Lower Lakes Towing) unloads on a vibrant night at the Great Lakes Elevator Company silos in the Port of Owen Sound​​​​​​​ (ref no. S181170)

Starling © Irwin Seidman

Starling | Despite the snowfall, the return of starlings is a sign that spring can’t be too far behind​​​​​​​ (ref no. S180718)

Travel in Good Spirits © Irwin Seidman

Travel in Good Spirits | The MS Chi Cheemaun docked for the winter in her home port of Owen Sound​​​​​​​ (ref no. S1747329)

Double Crested Cormorants © Irwin Seidman

Double Crested Cormorants | A flock (or "flight") of cormorants over Georgian Bay (ref no.S152766)

Photosketch of Avro Arrow © Irwin Seidman

One Last Look  |  A pictorialized digital photosketch of Avro Arrow #RL-203 at Edenvale Airport during the 2019 Gathering of the Classics show. 

Daybreak Algonquin Highlands © Irwin Seidman

Daybreak Algonquin Highlands | Getting ready to kayak the waters of Oxtongue Lake on a spectacular autumn morning  (ref no. S1642711)

Lighthouse at Scubby's Point  © Irwin Seidman

Lighthouse at Scubby's Point | Standing guard at the mouth of the Saugeen River in Southampton  (ref no. S153320)

CCGS Constable Carrière © Irwin Seidman

CCGS Constable Carrière  | Canadian Coast Guard Hero-class patrol vessel docked along the east harbour wall in the Port of Owen Sound (ref no. S157206)

Sauble Beach  © Irwin Seidman

Sauble Beach | The iconic sign welcoming visitors to Sauble Beach​​​​​​​ (ref no. S163526)

White Trillium © Irwin Seidman

White Trillium | The White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) became Ontario’s official flower in 1937.  It blooms in early spring and is associated with compassion, peace and hope  (ref no. S152034)

Samuel Risley © Irwin Seidman

Samuel Risley | Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker and buoy tenderer, Samuel Risley heads back out to open waters from the port of Owen Sound. (ref no. S159957)

Young Moose © Irwin Seidman

Young Moose | Spring brings caution and excitement at the sighting of a young moose along the highway 60 corridor in Algonquin Park​​​​​​​(ref no. S181386)

Algoma Harvester  © Irwin Seidman

Algoma Harvester | Seen here docked in the Port of Owen Sound, the Harvester was christened in 2014 becoming the second of the new Equinox Class of Great Lakes freighters to join the Algoma Central Corporation fleet.  (ref no. S184200)

Squadron 436 © Irwin Seidman

Squadron 436 | 1939 Douglas Dakota DC-3. A flying memorial and
tribute to “Burma Star” squadrons number 435 & 436 (ref no. S183178)

The Manitoulin  © Irwin Seidman

The Manitoulin | The Great Lakes carrier “Manitoulin” docked on a snowy January day in Owen Sound Harbour (ref no. S1620375)

Canoe Lake © Irwin Seidman

Canoe Lake | Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada (ref no. S17-49773L)

Red-bellied Woodpecker © Irwin Seidman

Red-bellied Woodpecker | Along the shores of the Pottawatomi River, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S16-32403L)

Cut Your Own © Irwin Seidman

Cut Your Own | A nostalgic holiday vignette (ref. no. S17-41140L)

Algoway © Irwin Seidman

Algoway | This photograph shows the Great Lakes freighter Algoma Algoway approaching Owen Sound for the last time. This 46 year veteran of the Great Lakes was retired and scrapped in 2018. (ref. no. S17-47064L)

Dakota © Irwin Seidman

Dakota | 1939 Douglas DC-3 Dakota preparing for take off at Owen Sound Billy Bishop Regional Airport (ref. no.S15-5695L)

Nuthatch © Irwin Seidman

Nuthatch | Near the banks of the Pottawatomi River, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S17-47570L)

Algonquin Moonlight © Irwin Seidman

Algonquin Moonlight | Cold night in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S18-0969L)

Whiskey Rapids Trail © Irwin Seidman

Whiskey Rapids Trail | Hiking along the Oxtongue River in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S16-43304L)

Sandhill Cranes © Irwin Seidman

Sandhill Cranes | Sandhill Cranes on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S18-1266L)

Late Harbour Snow © Irwin Seidman

Late Harbour Snow | Wintering in the port of Owen Sound.  From left to right: the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, the Olympic and the Chi Cheemaun  (ref. no. S16-33242L)

Harvard 436 © Irwin Seidman

Harvard 436 | 1952 Harvard MK IV  (ref. no. S17-48280L)

Lions Head Lighthouse © Irwin Seidman

Lion's Head Lighthouse | Lion's Head (Georgian Bay) , Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada (ref. no.S16-36300L)

Northern Cardinal © Irwin Seidman

Northern Cardinal | Along the shores of the Pottawatomi River, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S16-36428L)

Harrison Park © Irwin Seidman

Harrison Park | Strolling along the banks of the Sydenham River in Harrison Park, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S18-1336L)

Whitefish Bay © Irwin Seidman

Whitefish Bay | Docked at the silos in the port of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S17-47365L)

Canso © Irwin Seidman

Canso | 1944 PBY5-A Canso Amphibious Reconnaissance Bomber (ref. no. S17-48199L)

MS Chi Cheemaun © Irwin Seidman

MS Chi Cheemaun | MS Chi Cheemaun (Owen Sound Transportation Company) docked in the port of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada  (ref. no. S17-47344L)

Algoways Last Visit © Irwin Seidman

Algoway's Last Visit | This photograph shows the 640' Algoma Algoway heading out into the Great Lakes from the Port of Owen Sound on Georgian Bay.  This image captured her final visit to Owen Sound as she was retired and scrapped in 2018.  (ref. no. S17-47058L)

Aerobatics © Irwin Seidman

Aerobatics | Russian built 1972 Yak 50 training & aerobatic aircraft flying over Billy Bishop Regional Airport in Owen Sound (ref. no. S15-5795L)

Winter Owen Sound Harbour © Irwin Seidman

Winter Owen Sound Harbour | The Algoway (Algoma Central Corp) and the Rt. Hon. Paul E. Martin (Canada Steamship Lines) wintering in Owen Sound harbour (ref. no. S16-20383L)

Approaching Owen Sound © Irwin Seidman

Approaching Owen Sound | The Great Lakes barge St Marys Challenger, powered by the tug Prentiss Brown and freighter Saginaw both in the bay at Owen Sound (ref. no.S16-41312L)

CSL Frontenac © Irwin Seidman

CSL Frontenac | The 730' Frontenac arrives in Owen Sound on a icy winter day.  (ref no. S16-45258L)

T28 © Irwin Seidman

T28 | 1955 US Army T28B Trojan training aircraft  (ref. no. S17-48327L)

Wye Marsh © Irwin Seidman

Wye Marsh | Canoeing on the Wye River at the Wye Marsh Nature Centre, Midland, Ontario  (ref. no. S17-49511L)

Oxtongue Narrows © Irwin Seidman

Oxtongue Narrows | Oxtongue Lake near Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada (ref. no. S17-49958L)

Cuyahoga © Irwin Seidman

Cuyahoga | Docked at the Great Lakes Elevator Company silos in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada (ref no. S18-0804L)

Vintage Folding Brownie © Irwin Seidman

Vintage Folding Brownie | Kodak No. 2 Folding Brownie Camera Model A - Circa 1902 (ref no. S1746640)

Frontenac Docked  © Irwin Seidman

Frontenac Docked | The 730' Frontenac docking at the grain elevators in the Port of Owen Sound. (ref no. S1645267)

Safe Harbour © Irwin Seidman

Safe Harbour | Chantry Island Station located on Lake Huron near Southampton, Ontario (ref. no. S1621549)

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