Photosketching is a post production technique that allows a high resolution photographic image to be converted to what looks more like a hand drawn sketch.  My process involves first breaking down the original photographic image into multiple core layers and then reconstructing the source image using line art, textures and sometime additional colour.  The reinterpreted subject is often a more organic looking and results in an image that can be more artistic in appearance than the original.
Photosketch © Irwin Seidman

In this example, a photographic image of a Victorian manner house was reinterpreted as a black and white pencil sketch. (Note that the power wire going across the front of the house in the original image, was removed in the photosketch to give the final picture a more pleasing look.)

This photographic image of a vintage Fargo pick up truck was captured at a rural car show.  The image was reprocessed as a sepia toned pencil sketch.

Between the Maples ©

This old Victorian manner house in Owen Sound was enhanced and reprocessed to represent a black and white pencil sketch

End of the Line

This colour tinted pencil sketch represents a reinterpretation of the original.  The image captures a restored Canadian National Railways caboose outside former Owen Sound passenger station. (The rail car was originally built in the early 1940s in Chicago as a box car for the Grand Trunk Western Railway.)

Take a Chance © Irwin Seidman

This image of the Commodore's yacht in the annual Sail-Past was captured at a yacht club on Georgian Bay.  The image was reimagined as a full colour pencil sketch

Another car show capture, this vintage Thunderbird was converted through selective reprocessing to take on the appearance of a very detailed pencil sketch.

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