This new project is very much a work in progress. What originally started as a simple one-off photo of some vintage Lego* mini characters seems to have evolved into a broader "just for fun" project.  With the Covid pandemic keeping us close to home through much of 2020, 2021 and now well into 2022, I have found myself exploring new ways to express my interest in both photography and the great outdoors (among other things). I suppose one can almost think of it as living vicariously through Lego during these very unusual times... or as a friend recently suggested, the photography aspect might actually just be an excuse for wanting to play with some new Lego too.
* see Lego disclaimer at the end of this project page
Jurassic Adventures
A terrified jungle explorer ditches his map and makes a run for it while trying to escape the oncoming rush of a fierce charging dinosaur

Dropping and leaving his gear behind, this little explorer high-tails it trying to out run a fierce charging dinosaur

Rock Climbing Adventures
Another Life in Miniature adventure in the jungles of Georgian Bay. :)
Rock Climbing
Lending a helping hand to reach the top
More Rock Climbing Snapshots
Last stretch to the summit
Top of the Summit
Soaking in the scenery and taking a well deserved break
The Disc Jockey
Colourful lights illuminate the dance floor as the party time DJ spins some classic vinyl. Don't ask me why there is a dog and a cat in the scene... maybe they are his mascots. :)
Spinning some vinyl under the bright lights
Snowshoeing Adventure
It's nice to finally get out for some winter snowshoeing
Happy Father's Day 2021
Ahh… enjoying the good life out back this Father's Day (and dreaming about smoking salmon on the old Traeger grill).
The Woodturner © Irwin Seidman
The Woodturner

Waxing nostalgic for my old workshop. I can still remember the smell of fresh wood shavings and the joy of creating something wonderful at the lathe. Sweet memories from a past chapter :)

At The Wood Lathe  © Irwin Seidman
At The Wood Lathe
A shout out to a couple of good friends who remain true to the craft.  Happy turnings. :)
May Flower Moon © Irwin Seidman
May Flower Moon

Sadly the May Flower Moon was obscured by overcast skies this year but that didn’t stop us from reminiscing about the stunning spring supermoon that graced our skies last year.

Thank you to our mail carriers and delivery personnel © Irwin Seidman
Thank you !
We have become more dependent on alternate means of shopping during these unusual times and are grateful to our dedicated mail carriers and delivery personnel for bringing us the goods. 
Come And Get It © Irwin Seidman
Come And Get It !
The weather is great and there are burgers and kebabs on the grill :) 
With A Song In Her Heart © Irwin Seidman
With A Song In Her Heart
Music is such a magical respite during these unusual times
Algonquin Dreaming (Plein air painting with Lego Bob) © Irwin Seidman
Algonquin Dreaming
Plein air painting with Lego Bob.  
Greetings Along The Trail © Irwin Seidman
Greetings Along The Trail
Lego hiker and canine companion greet oncoming travellers along the trail
Leading the way © Irwin Seidman
Leading The Way
Lego dog leading the way down the trail for his Lego friend
Lego dog waiting along the trail © Irwin Seidman
Waiting Patiently
Lego dog waiting patiently along the trail for his hiker friend to catch up
By The Campfire © Irwin Seidman
By The Campfire

Our lego hiker relaxes at the end of a long day and enjoys toasting marshmallows over the open fire while the constellation Cassiopeia (and faint traces of the Andromeda Galaxy) hang overhead in the night sky.

Happy Trails (Star Trails) © Irwin Seidman
Happy Trails

The stars are seen trailing around Polaris (North Star) in this vignette of our little Lego amateur astronomer watching the night sky from high atop a rock ledge.

Life In Miniature © Irwin Seidman
Life In Miniature

I think this was the moment that I realized that I might be on my way to living vicariously through Lego during the Covid pandemic. :)

The First Hike of Spring © Irwin Seidman
The First Hike Of Spring

Our Lego hiker takes a moment to check his map and compass before he heads out for a his first big spring trek.

A Christmas Knight Tale © Irwin Seidman
A Christmas Knight Tale
I suppose the idea started when I found these old Lego pieces along with some other trinkets in a small box of toys. They had belonged to our kids when they were little and had been much loved.  Having been long forgotten and relegated to their home in storage for nigh on thirty years, I though it might be fun to bring them to life again in this nostalgic holiday greeting.
Disclaimer:  Throughout this photo project, I have referenced the term Lego in describing the various toy building bricks, mini figures and/or accessories used in the photographic compositions. For clarity sake I should note that the word Lego is only being used eponymously to represent and describe these toys in general terms as they have become commonly referred to.  I should also note for the record that Lego (and/or LEGO® )  is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse these images and/or this site.
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