I have always been a weekend explorer.  In recent years, it is almost never without a camera in hand.  These images represent a brief look at how I see the beautiful world around me.
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Nightscape: Port of Owen Sound © Irwin Seidman
Nightscape: Port of Owen Sound
The Great Lakes freighter John D Leitch docked near the Miller silos in Owen Sound harbour. 
Weavers Creek Falls © Irwin Seidman
Weavers Creek Falls
A late autumn walk along the path to Weavers Creek Falls in Harrison Park (Owen Sound ON)
Inglis Falls © Irwin Seidman
Inglis Falls
Located just south of Owen Sound (Ontario), Inglis Falls is an 18 metre high cascade, created by the Sydenham River meeting the edge of the Niagara Escarpment
Harbour Reflections © Irwin Seidman
Harbour Reflections
Double-crested cormorant flying past the Great Lakes Elevator Company silos in Owen Sound
Winter in Grey County  © Irwin Seidman
Winter in Grey County
Red barn and frozen landscape
Lion's Head © Irwin Seidman
Lion's Head  
The Niagara Escarpment at Lion's Head on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
Little Dunk's Bay © Irwin Seidman
Little Dunk's Bay 
Looking out from Little Dunk's Bay on the mainland at Fathom Five National Marine Park near Tobermory, Ontario, Canada 
On Little Dunk's Bay © Irwin Seidman
On Little Dunk's Bay 
 Watching the sail boat in Little Dunk's Bay (Fathom Five National Marine Park on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada)
Early Morning Sentinels II © Irwin Seidman
Early Morning Sentinels II 
The Great Lakes Elevator Company silos at dawn in the Port of Owen Sound
Scubby's Point © Irwin Seidman
Scubby's Point
Scubby’s Point Lighthouse, located at the mouth of the Saugeen River (Lake Huron) in Southampton, Ontario, Canada
Big Canoe © Irwin Seidman
Big Canoe
MS Chi Cheemaun sailing past Dunk’s Bay on her way into port at Tobermory Ontario
Weavers Creek Falls © Irwin Seidman
Weavers Creek
 Weavers Creek & falls in Harrison Park, Owen Sound, Ontario
Indian Falls © Irwin Seidman
Indian Falls
15 metre water fall at the Indian River gorge just north of Owen Sound, Ontario
Lighthouse at Lion's Head © Irwin Seidman
Lighthouse at Lion's Head
Active lighthouse on Georgian Bay at Lion's Head, Ontario
Rowing © Irwin Seidman
Rowing in Geirgian Bay at the northern tip of Owen Sound
Distant Beacon © Irwin Seidman
Distant Beacon
Chantry Island Lighthouse Station from the North Shore Trail between Port Elgin and Southampton, Ontario
Dunk's Bay Trail
Bruce Peninsula National Park: Trail between Visitor's Centre and Dunk's Bay Lookout 
Wye Marsh © Irwin Seidman
Wye Marsh
Canoeing on the Wye River at Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland
Big Tub Lighthouse © Irwin Seidman
Big Tub Lighthouse
Tobermory, Ontario 
Weavers Creek Falls © Irwin Seidman
Weavers Creek Falls
Weavers Creek in Harrison Park, Owen Sound, Ontario 
Safe Harbour © Irwin Seidman
Safe Harbour
Pictorialist style photograph of Chantry Island Station located on Lake Huron near Southampton, Ontario 
Little Cove © Irwin Seidman
Little Cove
The beautiful waters of Little Cove in Bruce Peninsula National Park
After the Ice Storm © Irwin Seidman
After the Ice Storm 
Clear blue skies over farm after an ice storm
Frozen Fenceline © Irwin Seidman
Frozen Fence Line
| Rural Grey County (Ontario) after an ice storm 
Southampton Lighthouse © Irwin Seidman
Southampton Lighthouse
Harbour beacon at Southampton, Ontario
Stormy Skies over Sarawak © Irwin Seidman
Stormy Skies over Sarawak
Gloomy day over Georgian Bay at Sarawak Beach near Owen Sound 
From Across the Bay © Irwin Seidman
From Across The Bay
The harbour beacon at the Owen Sound marina on Georgian Bay
Tobermory Harbour © Irwin Seidman
Tobermory Harbour
Pleasure craft fill the harbour at Tobermory, Ontario 
Spring Thaw © Irwin Seidman
Spring Thaw
Snow recedes to reveal old farm property
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