You can now find a limited selection of my fine art prints online at Fine Art America.
After a year long hiatus I am back on Fine Art America with a limited selection of fine art prints from my pictorialist style portfolio.  I invite you to check out these images and the wide assortment of print options offered by Fine Art America.  They have everything from wall art to home decor, greeting cards, tote bags and more... all available with one of my pictorialist photographic images.  
What is pictorialist photography?  Some of my images feature a pictorialist style post processing technique.  Just as a painter might add strokes of colour, light or texture to their composition, selective layering and blending can achieve similar results for the art photographer.  My version of the process involves blending the original subject photograph with multiple additional images which among other things might include stone, glass, metal, water, paint, line art, etc.  Read more at
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