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"We are in the process of building this new catalogue links section.  This section will provide access to a wider selection of subject specific images for those interested in special orders and licensing arrangements.  This section is currently a work-in-progress with the first catalogue (Harbourscapes) expected to be launched in February 2018.  Additional topical catalogues will be published in the months that follow.  In the interim, you can also view images through our regular project pages (shown in the main menu)."
Our Catalogue Links (see below) differ from our regular Project pages in a couple of ways.  Most importantly, they include a much wider selection of topically sorted images, thus making them more suitable for finding and selecting images for special orders and/or commercial or editorial licensing.  Unlike the Project pages, these catalogues do not include storylines or narratives, but do include basic image titles, descriptions and reference numbers. 
Adobe Lightroom Web Catalogue Selections
Select image catalogue below to open collection in a new window
... more catalogues coming soon
Using the Adobe Lightroom Web Catalogue
When you select one of the catalogues shown above, you will be taken directly to that selection in the Irwin Seidman Photography Adobe Lightroom Web Catalogue (in a new browser window).  You can click on any image to see a larger view.  Once in larger view, you can select the [i] icon to open a dialogue sidebar with image title, description and reference number.

Please record image details (e.g. title & reference number) and contact us using the email form on either the Buy Direct or Image Licensing pages.

using the Adobe Lightroom Web Catalogue

Here's what the Adobe Lightroom Web Catalogue will look like

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