I suppose like many others, I was drawn to black and white photography after seeing the iconic works of Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz.  Intrigue soon turned to passion and in my earlier days of darkroom and film photography I shot almost exclusively in black and white.
Things have certainly changed over the years and today while most of my work is shot and processed in digital colour, every now and then I long for the timeless drama of black and white photography.
Vintage Algonquin Outfitters Truck © Irwin Seidman

Vintage Algonquin Outfitters Truck | Digital photosketch of vintage GMC pick up truck outside Algonquin Outfitters on Oxtongue Lake  (ref. no. 7501035)

Oxtongue Mist © Irwin Seidman

Oxtongue Mist | Morning mist rising over Oxtongue Lake near Algonquin Park (ref. no. S18-0856)

Little Starling © Irwin Seidman

Little Starling | Juvenile Common Starling exploring in the snow (ref. no. S180737)

DC3 Taxiing | 1939 Douglas DC-3 Dakota taxiing on the runway at Owen Sound Billy Bishop Regional Airport​​​​​​​ (ref. no. S155768)

Canoe Taxi © Irwin Seidman

Opeongo Canoe Taxi | Canoe taxi returning to base at Lake Opeongo, Algonquin Park (ref. no. S1740187)

Stacked Canoes © Irwin Seidman

Stacked Canoes | Aluminum canoes at the portage store on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park (ref. no. S1643090)

Abandoned | The old Stanley Knight flooring factory in Meaford, Ontario  (ref. no. 151863)

67 Bug © Irwin Seidman

'67 Bug | 1967 Volkswagen Beetle Dashboard (ref. no. S17-38209)

Scubby's Point © Irwin Seidman

Scubby's Point | Scubby’s Point Lighthouse, located at the mouth of the Saugeen River (Lake Huron) in Southampton, Ontario, Canada  (ref. no. S18_0082)

Rhino Skin © Irwin Seidman

Rhino Skin | The deep texture and high contrast of rhino skin (ref. no. S181375)

Otter © Irwin Seidman

Otter | North American River Otter  (ref. no. S181469)

Ring-billed Gull © Irwin Seidman

Ring-billed Gull | Ring-billed Gull on the the Lake Huron shoreline (ref. no. S181992)

Fairlane Victoria Mascot © Irwin Seidman

Fairlane Victoria Mascot | Hood ornament (mascot) from 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria (ref. no. S181566)

Mercury Monterey Mascot © Irwin Seidman

Mercury Monterey Mascot | Hood ornament (mascot) from 1955 Mercury Monterey  (ref. no. S181674)

1914 buick © Irwin Seidman

1914 Buick| 1914 Buick logo and headlamp (ref. no. S1738315)

Village at Blue © Irwin Seidman

Village at Blue | Mild winter day in Blue Mountain Village near Collingwood, Ontario  (ref. no. S1721673)

Vintage Pick Up © Irwin Seidman

1930's Ford One-Ton | 1930's Ford One Ton Pickup truck at Blue Mountain Village (ref. no. S1721688)

Collingwood Station © Irwin Seidman

Collingwood Station | Replica of original 1873 Collngwood Railway Station (which burnt down in 1932)  (ref. no. S1721964)

USGS Sturgeon © Irwin Seidman

USGS Sturgeon | American research vessel USGS Sturgeon docked in Owen Sound harbour (ref. no. S1741672)

Vintage Kodak Filters © Irwin Seidman

Vintage Kodak Filters | Vintage Kodak Filters and filter boxes (ref. no. S172990)

T28 Trojan © Irwin Seidman

T-28 Trojan | T-28 Trojan is a piston-engined military trainer aircraft used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s (ref. no. S1737003)

1914 Cadillac © Irwin Seidman

1914 Cadillac | Interior of 1914 Cadillac (ref. no. S1738445)

Algomarine © Irwin Seimman

Algomarine | Algoma Algomarine laid up for the winter in the Port of Owen Sound  (ref. no. S150573)

Between the Maples © Irwin Seidman

Between the Maples | Digital photo-sketch of old Victorian home (circa 1906) in Owen Sound  (ref. no. S152433)

Links II © Irwin Seidman

Links II | Greasy used bicycle chains form a gritty abstract  (ref. no. S152883)

Harmony Centre © Irwin Seidman

Harmony Centre | formerly Knox United Church in Owen Sound  (ref. no. S153041)

Georgian Shores United Church © Irwin Seidman

Georgian Shores United Church | formerly Division Street United Church in Owen Sound Harbour  (ref. no. S153064)

48 DeSoto © Irwin Seidman

'48 DeSoto | Vintage 1948 DeSoto  (ref. no. S156242)

Vintage T-Bird © Irwin Seidman

Vintage T-Bird | Digital photo-sketch of vintage Ford Thunderbird at classic care show  (ref. no. S156030)

Coast Guard © Irwin Seidman

Coast Guard / The Icebreaker & buoy tenderer CCGS Samuel Risley in the port of Owen Sound  (ref. no. S159829)

Samuel Risley © Irwin Seidman

Samuel Risley | The Icebreaker (and buoy tender) CCGS Samuel Risley passing the Great Lakes Elevator Company silos in the Port of Owen Sound  (ref. no. S1599291)

Antique Shop © Irwin Seidman

Antique Shop | A vintage De Soto parked outside a rural antique shop  (ref. no. S156230)

Old Turbine Mill © Irwin Seidman

Old Turbine Mill | Close up section of old turbine mill circa 1919 (ref. no. S154661)

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