I am pleased to be a member of the Owen Sound Artists' Co-op since 2012 and am honoured to have my photographic canvases and prints exhibited along with the work of some of the region's finest artists and artisans.
The Owen Sound Artists' Co-op features a wonderful collection of unique fine art and craft reflecting the creativity of the thriving regional arts community. The Co-op features 45 members representing a wide variety of mediums including (but not limited to) pottery, glass, jewelry, woodworking, textile, painting, and of course photography.  For more information, visit the Owen Sound Artists' Co-op at 942 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 1S4, or online at www.artistscoop.ca.
As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Artists’ Co-op which had been closed from mid March to mid May, partially reopened. Here is their recent announcement:
"We have re-opened! We will have reduced hours and limit the number of people in at any given time. Our new temporary hours of operation have changed and will be 11 am - 3 pm, Wednesday to Saturday. We are still encouraging curb side pickups whenever possible. Contact us if you have any questions: 519-371-0479 or info@artistscoop.ca" (May 20, 2020)
While I do not usually post individual items currently for sale at the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op here on my website, these are unusual times.  I will do my best to keep this page updated with the work I currently have available at the Artists’ Co-op. Items do turn over frequently and you are invited to call or email the Artists’s Co-op to check on availability. 
info@artistscoop.ca  |  519-371-0479 ​​​​​​​
The Compass and the Buffalo © Irwin Seidman
The Compass and the Buffalo  | ref.no. 7503618 |  20" x 40" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $225
This wide angle pictorialized panorama features the Algoma Buffalo and the Algoma Compass laid up for the winter in the port of Owen Sound:  [on left] Originally named the Buffalo, this 634’ freighter was built in 1978 by Bay Shipbuilding Co. (Sturgeon Bay, WI).  In late 2017 she was sold to the Algoma Central Corp. (St. Catharines, ON) and renamed the Algoma Buffalo.    [on right]  Originally named the Roger M. Kyes, this 680’ freighter was built in 1973 for the American Steamship Co (Williamsville, NY). The Kyes was sold in 1989 and renamed the Adam E. Cornelius, and in 2017 she was again sold, this time to Algoma Central Corp where she was reflagged as a Canadian vessel and renamed the Algoma Compass.
Early Morning Smoke Lake © Irwin Seidman
Early Morning Smoke Lake  | ref.no. 1642754 |  24" x 36" Framed Photographic Gallery Canvas | $365
An beautiful early autumn morning on Smoke Lake in Algonquin Park (Ontario, Canada)
Manitoulin Unloading © Irwin Seidman
Manitoulin Unloading  | ref.no. 181170 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
The 664' Manitoulin (Lower Lakes Towing) unloads at the Great Lakes Elevator Company silos in the Port of Owen Sound.
Avro Revisited © Irwin Seidman
Avro Revisited  | ref.no. 7103066 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
Avro Canada CF105 Arrow (aka "Avro Arrow").  This composition includes a photograph of the full scale Avro Arrow replica displayed at the 2019 Gathering of the Classics at the Edenvale Aerodrome. 
Whitefish Bay © Irwin Seidman
Whitefish Bay  | ref.no. 1747390 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
The Whitefish Bay is a 740’ Trillium Class Great Lakes Freighter.  Part of the Canada Steamship Lines fleet, she is seen here docked at the Great Lakes Elevator Company silos in the port of Owen Sound.
1902 Kodak Brownie © Irwin Seidman
1902 Kodak Brownie  | ref.no. 7502004 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
Kodak No 2A folding pocket Brownie camera  (Model A).  Manufactured in the US  by the Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester NY in 1902.  ​​​​​​​
Swan Lake © Irwin Seidman
Swan Lake  | ref.no. 7509569 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
Mute swan bathing in the sunshine in rural Southern Ontario
The Saginaw © Irwin Seidman
The Saginaw  | ref.no. S0301-V2019 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
The 639' freighter Saginaw docked at the Great Lakes Elevator Company silos in the Port of Owen Sound
Little Island © Irwin Seidman
Little Island | ref.no. 7501058|  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
A Great Blue Heron flies past Little Island on Oxtongue Lake, near Algonquin Park. (Little Island is know for the 1965 painting by Group of Seven artist, A.J. Cason)
Cuyahoga © Irwin Seidman
Cuyahoga | ref.no. S33095V19 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
Seen here in 2016 preparing to offload grain at the Great Lakes Elevator Company site in the Port of Owen Sound, the 620’ Cuyahoga was originally built in 1943 for the United States Maritime Commission and originally sailed under the name Mesabi. She was the tenth of sixteen L6-S-B1 Maritime Class vessels built for the Commission during World War II and was designed to carry iron ore to the steel mills who were mass producing tanks, artillery, aircraft, and other supplies for the war effort.  After undergoing several ownership and name changes over the years, in 1994 she was re-registered under the Canadian Flag as the Cuyahoga.
Winter Horses © Irwin Seidman
Winter Horses | ref.no. 7503300 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
Working horses on a brisk Grey County winter's day
Chantry Island Lighthouse Station © Irwin Seidman
Chantry Island Lighthouse Station | ref.no. 7103544 |  16" x 24" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $140
Chantry Island is a small island in Lake Huron, south of the mouth of the Saugeen River and approximately a kilometre off the shores of the town of Southampton, Ontario and south of the mouth of the Saugeen River on Lake Huron. It is approximately 19 hectares in size, is a migratory bird sanctuary and is home to the Chantry Island Lighthouse station.
Sandhill Cranes © Irwin Seidman
Sandhill Cranes | ref.no. 181266 |  8" x 8" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $45
Sandhill Cranes on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada​​​​​​​
Canoe Lake © Irwin Seidman
Canoe Lake | ref.no. 1749773 |  8" x 8" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $45
Setting out from the permit office on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) 
Whiskey Rapids Trail © Irwin Seidman
Whiskey Rapids Trail | ref.no. 1643304 |  8" x 8" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $45
 Hiking along the Oxtongue River on the Whiskey Rapids Trail in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Double Crested Cormorants © Irwin Seidman
Double Crested Cormorants | ref.no. 152766 |  8" x 8" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $45
 A flock (or "flight") of cormorants over Georgian Bay 
Daybreak Algonquin Highlands | ref.no. 1642711 |  8" x 8" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $45
Getting ready to kayak the waters of Oxtongue Lake on a spectacular autumn morning  
Oxtongue Narrows © Irwin Seidman
Oxtongue Narrows | ref.no. 1749958L |  8" x 8" Photographic Gallery Canvas | $45
On Oxtongue Lake in Algonquin Highlands near Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
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